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Delivery Information

When do I receive my order?

After you have successfully placed your order, our Customer Service team will carry out the leverage process and will provide you with the latest information immediately via email or message.

What delivery estimates are there?

The estimate is ready to be shipped on the same day, that is, the estimated product is ready to be accepted by the expedition on the same day (working day) as the day of the order. This continuation of payment has been reported before 4pm (<16.00 WIB)

Estimates are ready to be sent on the next working day, namely the estimated products received by the expedition the next day (working day) after the day of ordering. This is based on reports from reports from 4 pm (> 16.00 WIB)

Order in advance. Products in this status have not been officially launched in Indonesia. Date of further information about the estimated date of the product official date and the estimated date of delivery of the product.

What are the shipping options at Zonacomputer?

Here are the delivery options at

1. Best Fast

2. Fast Regulator

3. JET Regular

4. Priority JET




8. J&T EZ (Regular Service)

Can I schedule a delivery?

Courier service cannot schedule delivery, therefore we cannot guarantee that your order will arrive on the specified date and time. However, we can assure you that we are working with our partners to provide better service in the future.

Can I speed up delivery of my order?

Sorry, we were unable to speed up the delivery process. The delivery estimate depends on the vendor that works with us and your delivery address area. We will send notification via email or message if the order has entered the shipping process or you can contact our customer service.

How do I know that I can choose an economical shipping type for my order?

If the location and weight of your ordered product are included in the criteria for enjoying an economical delivery service, this option will appear when you place your order.

I just got an email notification that my order has entered the shipping process. When can I receive the order?

The delivery estimate is according to the type of shipment you choose. You can also check the order status at




When exactly will my order be shipped?

We have not been able to inform the exact date and / or when the ordered product will be sent and the schedule from our logistics courier partners. Estimated shipping savings when the product package is received by the expedition (not when you make a purchase) and is adjusted to the service area of ​​the respective city destinations.

Why hasn't my order been sent?

Delivery of your order was late due to problems that caused late delivery. The obstacle that may occur is in preparing the goods, the goods do not pass QC and are not worth selling. This condition can occur due to the process of moving goods from our principal to our logistics, which on their way experiences a force majeure (for example, is hit by a collision). When this happens, our logistics team will ask for replacement goods from the principal, and the delivery time that is ready will shift, but we do this because we want our customers to get the best goods. Another obstacle is at the time of delivery, there is weather disturbance that prevents delivery (eg rain, flooding).

Why are my ordered products shipped separately?

It is possible that your order products are shipped separately and at different times because we work with various suppliers / sellers. You can check the order status at / / /query/gzquery.html or contact our customer service.

What if I'm not home when the package arrives?

You must prepare a power of attorney as confirmation and certify the other party as the recipient of the order. You can also contact our customer service immediately after placing your order. The second party must be an identification along with a power of attorney from you.

Can I Use Other Expeditioning Services Besides Cooperating Expeditions with Zonacomputer?

Yes, please inform our customer service for the expedition's name, address and telephone number. With pleasure we will send to representatives of the expedition in Jakarta. However, the guarantee of delivery to the destination lies with the buyer.

Can Zonacomputer send packages to my office?

Zonacomputer will send your order according to the address you provided when confirming the order, be it your home or office address.

Can I pick up my order at the Zonacomputer office?

Zonacomputer will provide a Pick Up Point option, which is a feature to take orders at our office, for now this feature can contact our customers.

If I Incorrectly Provided My Address, What Should I Do?

If you have just finished placing your order, please contact us and we will try to change your booking address. This change may cause a delay in delivery to the next working day delivery assuming the order process is repeated. Please note that additional shipping costs may apply, depending on the applicable shipping rates.

If the order has been packed and sent, please contact us for further assistance. Delivery to the correct delivery address, there may be a longer delivery delay due to waiting for the expedition to send your package back to After we receive the package, we will send it to the correct shipping address.